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Achieving Good Governance Is A Problem?

Good Governance difficult to get?
            The UPSC selects the Best brains. They are involved and entrusted to achieve Good Governance. Then, Why Good governance is not achieved?
Above question, I posted on my Linkedin account ( This post received following comments which is worth sharing.

Shahid Raza Mansri

Bcoz Brainless people (Political People) control these Highly Educated People and seek for personal benefit in every policy developed by Best brains... (edited)

ravi kant tripathi

When you take the best, you have to feed them the best. If you feed garbage to the best, it will churn out garbage better than any other brain. LOL They are the best after all. LOL Cheers!!!

sujay kumar

Provided they are allowed to work (minus the political agenda).

Dr. Ashok Prajapati

They mostly become corrupt and don’t remain motivated after getting back to dirty system. This is based on my personal interaction with them...they just don’t care...some care but system doesn’t let them do much.

Mohit Srivastava

Their political bosses are not qualified sometimes and they are the ones who make the final decision. That could be one of the reason I guess sir.

Dr. Ashok Prajapati

They mostly become corrupt and don’t remain motivated after getting back to dirty system. This is based on my personal interaction with them...they just don’t care...some care but system doesn’t let them do much.


Kumar Y V S

Now it all has become the prevalent modus operandi for Leaders and Managers of falling in line or fitting in with the prevailing culture of organizations and suiting oneself to the whims and fancies of the powers-that-be. The strengths and unique insights each such so-called best brains (to quote your phraseology) become redundant and superfluous. They call it getting ahead while integrity and honesty are unspoken casualities that have no mourners. Why bemoan the obvious?

Atul Kumar Arora

Good governance comes with good character. Good character comes from Good society and good value system. They are the part of society where they see "Chalta Hai " and "Jugaad" since childhood . They see the power of money since childhood and they run after it and forget about society, nation and humanity!!

jyoti s.

Jaisiyaram, point hei

Mradul Gupta

If we start counting then list is long but one thing is that after selection the best brains are working under votes greedy brains

Mahendra Singh

There is no guarantee that best brain will remain best all the time or till end.


Prashant Rai

Selection is different then proper orientation. Are those best brains are properly oriented?


Manish Kumar

For any governance to be good, meaning to govern is to be taken as consideration point whom and what are we governing , if we shot without taking aim we miss out the target as we aren't Rajnikant in real life. In order to govern aim and targets have to be well defined not on papers but in actuals and consistent and time bound milestone needs to be done like any project management. Governance is started with a good spirit but as it's a two way process first whom it governs and who governs both have to be inline. It's not always easy to do good things , and to do good thing that to a right way takes lot of courage and estatemenship to deliver it to the ground. Failures which I see for non achievement 1. Lack of trust on both sides be it the recipient or the facilitator. 2. Lack of Honesty on the task or goal assignment also reluctance in expediting due to lack of interest by babu's due to personal agendas 3. Lack of clear play field for implementation of the governance initiative. 4. Delegation of works and not following up with proper audits that too on scientific approach bases. 5. Subject matter expertise is also a challenge in case execution is being planned but gaps in knowledge might land u in failure.

S.K. Mishra

Only best brains are not sufficient for good governance, commitments & passions are also required... (edited)


Dr. Ram Nath Prasad

UPSC doesn't not test the aptitude and passion of a person. We don't have such type of test. Also, our recruitment system is closed. It doesn't allow outsiders a lateral entry, and hence, as the times passes, it becomes dead. In fact, any closed system will become dead.

Telford Test House

1)Is it really require to have high level brain to serve common public ? 2) What is important and required for selection a) Is it brain or committment to serve the society. 3) I understand instead having tough qualifying criteria for this service , a judgement and process is required to select person committed to serve the society without any lust and greed. 4) Millions of poor require committed govt officials to elevate their lives.


Sunil Tiwari

Professionally best brains are right hand side of elected politicians (educated or illiterate). These politicians are elected after spending lot of fund (irrespective of source) and has limited time of 5 years to fulfill their dream, desire, need, whims and fancies. Best selected brain becomes their ladder & tools to achieve this fast. As our society needs politician to represent us again so they have to pass Litmus test after completion of 5 years tenure. This also requires lot of funds. New policy that emerges on the surface. Funds, funds, funds, and lot of funds. Without right hand it is not possible. Therefore willingly or unwilling best brains are part of culture and becomes a nexus. We just can not strile our society. It's percentage can be brought up or down and there can be numerous ways to do this.
Cos there is disconnect between brain and experience. Training module for IAS is outdated and has no practical impact nowadays. To achieve good governance we need to first educate IAS trainees and than give them postings.
Nice question to be answered by IAS itself as they have zero contact people 2 people Instead every one knows that their training of 2 years make them like this ??????
We plan good, implement it good but lake of honest execution. We failed there.

Above comments from diverse nature of personalities are amazing. We can read between the lines to get Good Goverance(GG). India badly needs GG. Therefore , we all are responsible to contribute in order to achieve it.
Heera Lal ( Views are personal)

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