Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Achieving Good Governance And Politics

A-     Our Political Executive (PE) sells social product ‘Good Governance (CG) in our campaigns during elections. They promise to bring GG to develop the nation.  As a result, happiness and quality of life of citizens will improve. In return, they seek the mandate of the citizens in the form of vote.
B-     Our PE, once voted to power, they need to fulfill their promises made. For this, they need performer executives/bureaucrats. But, it is observed that, in most of cases, PE picks follower type executive rather than performer. This anomaly needs to be looked into in order to archive GG. 
C-     Why performers are not given preference over followers. What are the reasons :
1-      They keep always  in site, so liking is developed for them.
2-      They do what PE likes. Do not care other things.
3-      They watch Interest of PE rather than public.
4-      They are yes man There is no ‘No’ for anything demanded by PE.
D-     Our performer executives need course correction in order to replace followers. They keep busy in giving results. So, do not have time to manage social and political affairs of PE. Here, they need to make a balance in order to win the goodwill of PE.
Analysis :   Follower type executive damages the public image of PE. Poor governance doesn’t solve problems of public. Thus, promises made are not met. This is a breach of public trust. Trust breaking results in defeat in coming election, which is not the aim of PE. They wish to repeat at any cost. And accordingly, they try their best to win.

                  If PE picks performer, chances of repeat is improved. Here, our PE should mold our performer to align them according to their need without compromise their performing acumen. This will lead to a win-win situation. This is need of hour to restore the public trust to develop nation by achieving good governance.  

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