Friday, March 10, 2017

Dance of Democracy: Fractured vs Clear Mandate-UP 2017

In 5 States - UP, Uttarakhand, Goa, Manipur, Punjab- election is over. Counting is due on 11th March 2017 for much awaited results. Ensuring a free and fair election is always a cumbersome and require preparation on gigantic scale.
 Election Commission of India and all its officer, security forces are some of the unsung heroes who deserve appreciation in conducting the free, fair, peaceful & unbiased polls.
In last two elections 2007 and 2012, UP voters gave clear mandate with a very high expectation from the winner. In many intellectual circles, prediction for fractured mandate is buzzing for upcoming results. 
Intellectuals have to understand that people are tired from the coalition, corruption, asymmetric development and lack of accountability among the government setup and last few elections concludes that.
However, cloud would clear tomorrow (11th March) with the declaration of results. A lot is on Stake for the parties who is ruling their respective State and opposition parties with their finger crossed with anticipation and eyes on exit polls etc. 
Logic and past trends support a clear majority to a single party in Uttar Pradesh. Voters in UP and respective Election States are matured and involve themselves in democratic election process and willing to drive the change for good. 
The days are long over to polarize and divide the people completely based on cast, religion etc. to grab power. Public actors & Political masters have to understand the ground reality and adopt for change.
During the month long polling process in UP, voters keep on discussing about upcoming results. Voters kept involved directly or indirectly in election process due to sudden jolt of demonitisation. 
All eyes are set on Lucknow being the capital of most populace state in country.  In the past two elections  UP mandated to single party. Seeing the maturity of the voters and continuous active involvement in election process, there is no concrete evidence of fractured mandate in 2017. Albeit the ground reality, circumstances support for a single party mandate with a required magic figure like past two elections.

In UP election of 2007, main issue was Law & Order. In 2012, main contesting point was corruption and misuse of money. Now in 2017, core issue is Good Governance and Development.  Agenda is changed on which present election is fought from the last two elections. Hence, it is important to understand the changing tunes of election. Like last two eletion, this time also mandate would be a clear majority for a party. 
This time election in UP is a triangular contest. BJP, BSP and SP(INC) fought in a well organised manner and neck to neck. All three tried to convince voters about their good governance provided in past while in power and plan for it if gets chance to serve again.
 From political marketing management angle, personality politics overshadowed party politics. It is a contest of three personalities one from each party rather than party. Voter would have voted the one who has good track records and public trust for good governace and development.

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  1. Well articulated narrative sir...charisma will play vital role in deciding the fate....d day on card

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