Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Village Development Strategy- First Draft

Village Development Strategy

  Most of the Kommunity (farmers) members are from rural background.  We born, brought-up and educated in our villages.  We reached and acquired our official position by taking energy and strength from village soil and villagers. Morally, we are bound to return the debt to our villages. The easiest way to do this is by developing our villages. This way, we
can pay back to the society.  
We wish to built this programme around following basics:
(i) Zero base budgeting.
(ii) Technological driven.
(iii) Development of natural Social leaders in villages. 
(iv) Knowledge is power. Empowering village and villagers by knowledge power.
1) Every official choose and adopt his village.
2) He/She will pick a person from his/her village who will meet the following criteria and work/operate under your leadership and guidance. Criteria for Selection:
 (A) Desire to do social services.
(B) I.T. Savy-using smart phone and net.
(C) Progressive bent of mind.
(D) Minimum 12 class pass.
(E) Good communication skill.
(F) Resident of same village.
(G) Have intent and capability to connect with others and knowing tricks how to get done work with others.
(H) Good liaison quality and ego-less.
(I) A political to maintain neutrality. 

3) He will be named as village development accelerator (VDA).
4) All selected VDA will be imparted training to take the desired responsibility/task. He/she will operated in village under your able guidance to develop it.
5) For proper functioning and operation, we need to develop a monitoring and problem solving mechanism and system.  First, he will try to get solution at District level and thereafter will seek from Lucknow.
         We need to develop a social leader (VDA).  He must know how to purchase social products of different governments and how to sell them to villagers. We have to develop capacity and capability of VDA.  They must know how to search/reach social products and how to send its benefits to village people free of cost. A few steps for VDA are;
1.   Study of district sites   (http://www.agra.nic.in;    http://basti.nic.in )  
2.   Study of Govt. of UP - GoUP  ( http://.up.gov.in )
3.   Study of Govt. of India - GoI    ( http://.india.gov.in )
4.  Visit of district offices of all departments as intern to learn and   practice about social products.
5.   Formation of a  team of 10 persons of Kommunity.

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  1. Sir your idea is great and I Sharad Singh personaly want to join with you,i also want to do something for our rular community.pleaselet me know when you require me