Saturday, November 25, 2017

Creativity in Culture: Culture in Our Life

Culture is carrier of our life. Culture is tool to better life & life quality and welfare of the Society. Each department can use Our Culture to better the life of our citizen through their departmental projects, schemes, programs.
In light of above innovative notion, we need to research some connects:
1. How our Culture and Medical are associated and connected on a win-win basis.
2. . How our Culture and Agriculture are associated and connected on a win-win basis.
3. . How our Culture and Technology are associated and connected on a win-win basis.
To start with above three are taken to solicit your valuable inputs/opinion to develop our this innovative design thinking for greater good.
A week ago this idea came to our mind. Since then, we are discussing it and getting encouraging results.
Yoga is not new to India. But, most of us were not knowing what are its different benefits. Recently Baba Ram Dev found out reasoning which Yoga has what benefits associated with it. He proves how Yoga is treating many ailments. As a result, Yoga is popular and in high demand now in almost each home and among Indians. It is the benefits of Yoga, which is driving the people towards Yoga to adapt and adopt it.
Likewise, we need to find and connect each cultural activities with some benefits with solid and convincing proof. We have to research how our cultural activities can treat different ailments and solve our social problems. To connect the positivity of culture with our daily life activities and health require public actors attention to bring this issue into focus and attention seeking zone.
To achieve above aim, we need to research each act of culture.

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