Sunday, April 16, 2017

How To Achieve Inclusive Development Via Information Technology

A simple proposition to acquire Good Governance  with the help of ICT in Government of Uttar Pradesh. A very simple outline of a complex project.

Sabka Vikas (Inclusive Development)
Now a days, Slogan “Sabka Sath  Sabka Vikas” getting trending and gaining ground gradually. In the slogan the words “Sabka Vikas” include Sabka Sath. In short, Sabka Vikas is itself has complete meaning without losing anything of the Slogan “Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas”.

The translation of Sabka Vikas in English is “Inclusive Development”.

Now, our aim is how to realise, inclusive development in all departments of GoUP. This, we can achieve through Good Governance (GG). To get Good Governance, we need to reduce corruption in all departments.  GG and corruption  are inversely proportional to each other. In other words, If one  increases, other automatically decreases.
 GG and corruption have no exact definition  and it varies according to situation and circumstances.
As per United Nations Good Governance has following 8 characteristics.
1.       Consensus oriented
2.       Follows the rule of law
3.       Accountable
4.       Responsive
5.       Participation
6.       Effective & Efficient
7.       Transparent
8.       Equitable & Inclusive
   Information Technology (IT) is the best tool among many option available to reduce corruption systematically- by converting all offline activities into online through re-engineering, reprocessing, digitisation of each department. This will lead to GG and gradual decrease of corruption
Plan to achieve Good Governance in each department of GoUP:

1.       Framing  of Five year comprehensive plan for each department by engaging  a consultant.
2.       Points of plan for implementation:  GoI, GoUP, Directorate , Commissionorate, commissionery,  District, Tehsil, Block and Village level
3.      Yearly budget estimation  and allocation for next five years  as a policy matter.
4.       Appointment of Nodal officials for each point of plan to be responsible for quality and timely execution.


  1. A critical piece to this initiative will be end-user education. Also, the 9th characteristic, crucial in the context of UP will be "Measurable" i.e. the GG should be measurable objectively. Identify 10 to 15 variables that can be monitored through an ethnographic study over a period of time. This will then feed into Accountability and Responsive characters.

    1. suggest how we can a concept note type

    2. Will send you a detailed email today EOD.


  2. To make a Good Governance there should be imlementation of information technology in each and every step of work flow as well as assets flow which can be directly accesses by our administrative level within a second at any time. due to this accessibilty of process which are flowing via our system, whom who are trying to indulge in a corruption they will avoid to do like this because whole system will be monitored by administrative level.