Thursday, December 7, 2017

Knowing Why One Is Poor

Wish to have a study on a Block in district Basti ( UP, India) which is a backward and least developed block. People living in this block are mostly poor. How to increase their income, living standard, and development we need to know all associated factors helping to sustain this situation of Poorness.
A. What are habits, factors, reasons, activities etc which are assisting and helping people to sustain their poor condition.
B. What to do based on above diagnosis to get out people from poverty.
Please advise what to do and how to move further

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Creativity in Culture: Culture in Our Life

Culture is carrier of our life. Culture is tool to better life & life quality and welfare of the Society. Each department can use Our Culture to better the life of our citizen through their departmental projects, schemes, programs.
In light of above innovative notion, we need to research some connects:
1. How our Culture and Medical are associated and connected on a win-win basis.
2. . How our Culture and Agriculture are associated and connected on a win-win basis.
3. . How our Culture and Technology are associated and connected on a win-win basis.
To start with above three are taken to solicit your valuable inputs/opinion to develop our this innovative design thinking for greater good.
A week ago this idea came to our mind. Since then, we are discussing it and getting encouraging results.
Yoga is not new to India. But, most of us were not knowing what are its different benefits. Recently Baba Ram Dev found out reasoning which Yoga has what benefits associated with it. He proves how Yoga is treating many ailments. As a result, Yoga is popular and in high demand now in almost each home and among Indians. It is the benefits of Yoga, which is driving the people towards Yoga to adapt and adopt it.
Likewise, we need to find and connect each cultural activities with some benefits with solid and convincing proof. We have to research how our cultural activities can treat different ailments and solve our social problems. To connect the positivity of culture with our daily life activities and health require public actors attention to bring this issue into focus and attention seeking zone.
To achieve above aim, we need to research each act of culture.

Monday, November 13, 2017

A Festive Official Visit From Government of UP, India

  A Festive Official Visit From Government of UP, India
                              28-29, October, 2017
     Ayodhaya(UP, India)-Gimhae (South Korea) Connect

We received  an official email from director ICC Mr RamKuamr C second  secretary (political) and director, Indian Culture Centre Embassy of India in South Korea on Sep 20, 2017. This mail has an attachment from Heo Seong-gon Mayor of Gimhae city, South Korea. The main purpose of  this mail was to invite our Hon'ble Chief Minister Uttar Pradesh  in the " Wedding Road of the Queen" on 28-29 Sep 2017.
The background is that Gimhae City is a historical city which boasts of its everlasting history as the capital of Geumgwan Gaya, the kingdom established by King Suro in A.D. 42.
As the descendants of the very first multi-culture family between king Suro and queen How Hwang-Ok, who came from the ancient India, it is safe to say that the historic bonding between India and Gimhae city is quite strong.

 Mr. Ramkumar c wrote in his mail-As you may be aware that as per the legend an Indian princess from Ayodhya visited South Korea in the past and married a Korean King Kim Suro, who established the GAYA dynasty in South Korea. This is celebrated as the first international marriage in the history and around 10% of Korean population traces their legacy to this royal couple, giving a strong historical linkages between India(Ayodhaya, UP) and South Korea(Gimhae ). 

In this connection, both  Ayodhya and Gimhae have entered into a Sister City agreement and have been exchanging delegations and visitors to each other's city and promoting cultural cooperation. Also large number of Korean nationals visit Ayodhya to pay homage to their ancestor's birth place i.e. Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh, which also promotes tourism to Uttar Pradesh. 
 Considering ongoing cooperation between Ayodhya and Gimhae and its importance in bilateral cultural relationship, the Indian Embassy in South Korea is of the view that State Government of Uttar Pradesh may consider mounting a delegation led by the Member of the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly of Faizabad accompanied by senior government officials from Department of Culture and Department of Tourism to South Korea to participate at the Queen Huh Festival this year-2017.

The proposed visit will also provide an opportunity for State Government of Uttar Pradesh to undertake review of ongoing cooperation between two cities and to explore new areas of cooperation.

In this regard, you are kindly requested to consider the invitation positively and suggest to this Embassy details of delegations and their travel itinerary to South Korea for the festival.
In above background two member delegation nominated by Government of Uttar Pradesh  participated in this festival; myself as the director  and special secretary culture And Mr Sanjeev Singh OSD to CM.
We left on 26th Sep by Indigo flight form Lucnkow to Delhi and took Asian airways at 220 AM 0n 27th September and landed at Incheon international airport South Korea. By taking subway we went to Gimpo International airport to catch domestic flight Busan air ways to reach our destination Gimhae city. We landed at 530 PM at Bushan Gimhae international air port after a continuous journey of more than 20 hours. Here, we got warm welcome by Mr Kirti das from embassy and Gimhae city officials.They took us to IsquarE hotel. I stayed in room 1110.  After some time , they accompanied us to Taj hotel for Indian dishes. We enjoyed food and discussed next day plan.

On 28th, September 2017:
We went to see farming on my request. They took us to a village of former president Mr. Muhyeon Noh. The name of village is Bong-ha. We saw here organic paddy farming:

Visited Information center of the village:


We  visited Tomb of King Suro

A meeting  with  national assembly member of  Kimhae (Gimhae), Mayer Gimhae and Indian Ambassador To South Korea Mr Vikram Dooraswami was organised. We discussed at length how we can expedite the  Princess Hae memorial construction at Ayodhaya and its related issues. It was a very fruitful meeting for both sides.


 After meeting, we all went to took part in marriage anniversary celebration 



Lastly we watched a cultural program. It was mix.  Indian -Korean artists performed. A team from Chhattisgarh performed.


It was a fruitful visit.