Thursday, September 29, 2016

War Is Never An Option. Peace, Forgive Is Our Tool To Rule.

Yes, war is not an option. There are many ways and options to tackle a problem. In, among many solutions, war is one and should be last in the list. PM Modi's strategies and steps are upto the mark. And it deserves appreciation and praise.
First, he tried to expose the terror activites of the Pak to isolate it from world connections. It was a great success. A planned efforts disconnected Pak to get any help and sympathy from its own friends worldwide. SAARC submit in Pakistan is bycotted by many member countries. It is a big blow and a defeat to Pak and a diplomatic success for India.
Second, he tried to cornor Pak in Pakistan itself by mentioning Bloch humen rights issue. This issue got required energy to grow and florish worldwide. Now Bloch are protesting continuously against Pak at different forums. Their protest is a great help for themselves and India in the light of recent terror attack in Uri Army base camp on 18th September,2016.
Third, he gave signal to withdraw conncession given through most favored nation status. This will create economic problem if implemented. As a result, public- getting benefits of it- will go against the government. Public opinion matters for the govrnment.
Foruth, Indus water trety is anothter issue under consideration to put huge pressure on Pak. Surgical operation on 28th midnight of Sep 2016 is not to hit the Pakistan. But, it is to prevent infilration of terrorist into Indian border. India did it in self defence. So, it is a well calcuted and judicious act called for.
Avoding war like situation is must for India. Our political bossess understand this. Thats why they are taking the most minimum steps required to protect the interest of India and Pak people. And to facify and cool down anger of massess after Uri attach. Pak people are not our enemy, but they are our brothers. Millitary system and rurals of Pak are resposible for the current ugly situation. Successful surgical strike without any loss by Indian army proves its capability and courage to face any evetuallity to protect our nation. They deserve all types of Kudos.
India as an upper hand in all respects have to take care of all things into consideration to prove itself elder brother of Pak. Surgical operation is right step in right direction to teach lessions to Pak army and government officials but not the pak people. This sentiment is convey by PM Naredra Modi in in his Kerala Speech at party meeting recetly after Uri attach. He wished a war with Pak in reducing povery, illiteracy etc. to improve the living and economic conditions of Pak People.

Surgical strike is not new. In past, India did. But this time, it is told to massess to bring anger of public down which went up due to Uri Killings. It is a clear signal to other nations that India is not soft now on terror issue. This gave a hard indications to terrorist outfits worldwide. In the light of above facts,the overall aim of India is to contain terror activites for world peace.

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